The holiday Season is coming to Starbucks!

There are many Starbucks not only the U.S, but also in Japan.
You can enjoy the limited and original menu in Japan. Starbucks offers many seasonal beverages, foods and goods as mug cups, gift cards, etc.
In this article, I want to show you a part of the holiday season’s menu.

1.  About Beverage

Many Japanese people like Frappuccino during a year, especially seasonal one.
This is “Strawberry and Velvet Brownie Frappuccino”.
The base is mixed of brownie and milk with strawberry pulp. Also, it is added sweet and sour strawberry red sauce, and chocolates of golden color on top. It’s very bright color because of red sauce and golden chocolate, so many Japanese posts the pictures on their Instagram.
In addition, this product will be available only for a limited time this November.

Where to order

For example, there are 385 Starbucks in Tokyo, Japan.
You can find them easily by following the Starbucks’ mermaid (Siren) marks everywhere.
In addition, you can find them in the shopping malls, department store buildings, and station buildings.

(The picture on top of this article is a Starbucks in a shopping mall.)

How to order

There are some staffs who speak English in main cities’, or famous sightseeing places’ Starbucks as like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Nihonbashi (these are in Tokyo) and Kyoto.
However, if you don’t speak Japanese, don’t worry! All Starbucks has menu with pictures and English names, so you can order beverages and foods by pointing it out.

(You can see the menu by the URL is provided below.)

2.  Maccha Latte of Starbucks in conveniencce store!

If you can’t go to Starbucks, don’t worry! Because, in Japan, you can buy Maccha Latte of Starbucks in convenience store this November!
Maccha Latte is provided only Seven-Eleven convenience store and supermarkets from the same chain. (Seven-Eleven group’s URL is provided below.)
This Beverage is created by Patrick Penny, he is Sr. Product Developer of Starbucks Coffee Company Global Channel R&D.
It tastes mild milk and bittersweet Maccha. It very smooth drink, so you can enjoy it with meals.

This is all for this article. You should try these in Starbucks when you are in Japan!
Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! 😊

3.  URL

(1)  The official URL of Starbucks(Language is Japanese)

(2)  The official URL of Starbucks' Menu with English

(3)  The official URL of Seven-Eleven’s group


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