Kyoto is the Best Place to Visit in Japan!

There are many tourist destinations in Japan, and the one of the best places for sightseeing is Kyoto.
Kyoto is one of the historical, traditional, elegant and amazing places in Japan!
It is a kind of mixture of an ancient city and a modern city, and it is the one of the world heritages in Japan.

It is located in the western region of Japan and easy to access from Tokyo station, Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and Narita International Airport, too.
(I will introduce how to get to Kyoto in another article.)
I highly recommend many people around the world to visit Kyoto because of three reasons below.

First, you can enjoy seeing both an ancient city and a modern city as I mentioned above. Although there are many modern buildings like hotels, big stations, and shopping malls, there are many historical shrines and temples everywhere. You are able to experience the strange sensation as like going back and forth between two worlds. It must be a precious experience for you.

Second, food in Kyoto is so nice. You can enjoy eating not only traditional Japanese food like Tempura and Sushi, but also Japanese sweets as like Maccha sweets and rice dumpling. You can eat these foods in restaurants, hotels, cafes and everywhere in Kyoto. Also, Japanese vegetables, fruits and meats are really fresh and so delicious. You can eat these foods in Kyoto, of course.

In addition, you can enjoy doing many activities in Kyoto. For example, you can rent Kimono or Yukata from its rental shops. You can have your face and hair wear makeup by a makeup artist, also. (When you visit Kyoto, you will find men and women wearing Kimono or Yukata everywhere!) You can enjoy doing sightseeing or shopping with Kimono or Yukata, and have your pictures taken in front of shrines and temples, if you want.

Moreover, you can enjoy doing many things in the handcraft workshop like Fabrication Laboratory. You can have many choices for making things: glass crafts, pottery, accessories, and fabric things.

In this way, you can enjoy doing many things in Kyoto.
Therefore, I want to recommend that you go to Kyoto just once!
In my blog, I will introduce about many places for sightseeing which make you so excited in Kyoto.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day! 🙂

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